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Week 5 - production here we come!

Much excitement last week and this week getting ready for final groups for production and creating our wow Art t-shirts.

This week kids were split into 'choice' groups for the production as well as being a part of singing and the sasa. It amazing how motivated and excited the kids are and what their special interests and skills and what excites them.

They have been challenged this week with creating their t-shirt designs and having to plan what and where their colours will go and what their plans are for colour placements. The kids have been doing mood boards and this has been an interesting challenge. Thanks to the Mauger's for their kind donation to t-shirts. Much appreciated. I wish I could show you the delighted faces at their creations.

Many thanks to Wendy who brought in her heat press today, to help us fix our designs to our t-shirts. It was a wee production line, ready for the catwalk during the production.

This week in English our kids have assignments to complet…
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Pasifika Week

Talofa lava, Malo e lelei, Ni sa bula vinaka, Namaste, Kia orana, Taloha ni, Ia orana, Fakaalofa lahi atu, 'Alii, Malo ni, Halo Olaketa, Mauri, Aloha mai e and warm Pacific Greetings.

This week we have celebrated Pasifika week at school. We were lucky enough to have Reuben's Dad Willie come and teach the whole school the sasa, which was an awesome experience for everyone involved. Thanks to Willie for your time and Reuben and Giana for supporting and encouraging everyone. We will continue this as a school. 

We celebrated the different tasks the school created during the week in a sharing assembly. 

Ruma Iwa made tapa cloths and learnt the song Le aute. Even I managed to learn the ukulele chords and play along.

We have also started on our inquiry this term - Home - and have started discussing what home is, means for different people and are exploring this through P4C, art, discussion, reflection and song.
It will be interesting to see how the journey of home develops, as it can go…

NZ Identity City Gallery Trip

Last week the whole Mokomoko pod visited the city Gallery to view the exhibits about NZ identity. It was a walk back in time for some, myself included, and had some iconic kiwi throwbacks from days gone past.

The kids were engaged and enjoyed interpreting the art pieces, sharing their ideas or asking really interesting questions.

The Maori Ferrari red piano was a special piece in a room with poignant bouquet photos depicting battles from WWI where NZ lost Maori soldiers in particular.

Our trip ended with a session in the art room, with the kids creating their own bouquets in teams, which are stunning and thought-provoking both in their chosen names as well as their clever layouts.

We didn't have time to see everything, but I would recommend a return trip as a family, as the exhibition is free. We saw a small clip from a 20-minute film of the NZ  life forty years ago, so worth a look if you are interested. It was a film used to show people overseas in the 1970's what life in N…


This year we are focusing on growth mindset and getting ourselves into positive places to support our learning and any worries we have.
The children have learnt a lot about their brains through Jo Boaler problem-solving maths. She is quite inspirational and the kids respond so well to her.

Jo Boaler Dr Jo Boaler is a Professor of Mathematics Education at Stanford University and the faculty director of youcubed. She is the author of the first MOOC on mathematics teaching and learning. Former roles have included being the Marie Curie Professor of Mathematics Education in England, a mathematics teacher in London comprehensive schools and a lecturer and researcher at King’s College, London. Her PhD won the national award for educational research in the UK and her book: Experiencing School Mathematics won the ‘Outstanding Book of the Year’ award for education in Britain. She is an elected fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (Great Britain), and a former president of the International Organi…

Kia Ora whanau!

Some of the work we have been doing includes our pepeha - our oral introductions in Te Reo Maori.
The class spent time weaving their korowai (cloaks) selecting colours that link to their family background, e.g.: the colours in the flags from their countries of origin. The colour combinations look really effective up close.

Mrs Campbell helped start them off, motivating them. It was a delicate task requiring patience, but they did a beautiful  job and were very proud of their efforts. We will keep saying them aloud to build our confidence and pronunciations. They are a work of art, so do come and see them sometime.

This year we are continuing with Japanese with Kris Rose on Wednesdays, which adds another language to our class and also allows our Japanese speakers to support our learning also and be our experts.

You may have also heard about our Chapter Chat tasks for reading. We are reading "There's a boy in the girl's bathroom" and are sharing some of our work on Twi…